BATSHEVA was created in 2016 in New York by Batsheva Hay. Her brand blurs the lines between feminine dress and conservative clothing.

It all started when Batsheva Hay, a former lawyer, had a Laura Ashley dress remade. She then decided to take the plunge and launch a website to sell her creations with a smaller version for children. However, she realised that only the adult version was selling. And it was selling well. 

More and more clothes are covering the body while until now fashion was to show skin. Mid dresses and skirts are in, whilst mini skirt, ankle grazer jeans and crop tops are saying goodbye. If you’re into fashion you’d have noticed that midi dresses with flowery prints have been everywhere for a while now. From HVN to Realisation Par, pattern dresses are in. 

Batsheva does conservative dresses right. It’s New York’s hot new trend, Hay's dresses have been seen on several A-Listers such as Lena Dunham, Jessica Chastain, Natalie Portman. At first glance, the dresses could pass for Amish clothing. The designs are reminiscent of Amish or victorian dresses, but with a modern twist. She’s taking high collars, puffy sleeves and skirts and give them a modern twist. Hay is retooling historical looks - thus rejecting old notions of womanhood, she rather highlights strong and beautiful aspects of these classical dresses. In other words, her designs are pious but modern, and fun.

It’s the dress you wish you had when you were a little child - but better.