Gender Portraits

Launched in 2014, founder Drew Riley portrays gender neutral individuals through her paintings. As a transgender, artist Riley connects paintings with individual stories to help people explore the concept of what gender can be. The first collection of portraits was 12 yet it continues to accumulate.

The artist not only is talented in painting but she creates gender pride merchandise for gender queer people and supporters. Based in Austin, Texas, the community desires to grow further to reach out to more gender neutral people. Through support, Gender Portraits aims to be a representative of gender diverse people. This is yet another example where art plays the role of social change and founder Drew Riley presents a voice to the gender neutral community.

Gender Portraits is the host of the yearly festival Gender Unbound Art Fest in Austin which showcases talents of gender diverse artists, musicians, and speakers. The festival is more than just an art event, providing the visitors with free HIV testing, trans/intersex organisation information, and voter registration.

Planning to change the perception of the society, Gender Portraits questions the idea of what genders are and what they should be.