A special day with Aureliana, a brand combining sophistication and elegance

The countdown to one of the most memorable days of the year has started. February 14th is almost upon us and who doesn’t love chocolate hearts and flowers? 

Whether you’re planning on spending this particular night with your Valentine or with your best friends and a bottle of red wine, it’s still the perfect occasion to play dressup. Our advice to you... wear anything from Aureliana, an independent brand focused on opulence and escapism, extravagance and refinement. Aureliana’s designs are beautifully crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, best reflected in the hand-sewn pieces, made with premium fabrics produced in France, Italy and Great Britain. 

A modern day fairytale  

Embrace romance in a silk tulle gown. It’s elegant colour will allow a special glow to radiate from within and without, as you look at the stars sipping champagne with your knight in shining armour.  Discover this elegant party dress, the perfect accompaniment for a singular occasion. 

All eyes on you 

Slip on a pair of skin tight trousers, a blazer and a bold red lip to add contrast to your black lace bustier and it’s a guarantee that your Valentine’s gaze will be pouring into your eyes. 

It’s simple and sexy, made with the finest lace, that will add that extra empowering boost. 


A special occasion dress

Finding it hard to find what to wear on Valentine’s day? 

We’ve got you covered, slip on Aurelina’s sexy cocktail dress. 

This metallic lace cocktail dress is the perfect Valentine’s day dress. To be paired with heels or flats, this exquisite outfit is short and sexy, all the while maintaining elegance, leaving a long lasting impression. Made with silver chantilly lace and crepe de chine this black cocktail dress with graceful details is exactly what dreams are made of. 

A one of a kind top  

Introducing a one of a kind lace tulle blouse with ostrich feathers made for a one of a kind woman. A versatile piece of wearable art to be worn on a night out with friends, on a date at a restaurant with black glossy heel or flats this exceptional piece of evening wearing will  

The Amour Corset Gown for a girl who’s in love 

Looking for the perfect party wear gown

Check out Aureliana’s white bustier gown with lace, this is the perfect Valentine’s day dress out of a fairytale where modern day romance meets traditional elegance. Made with the finest Chantilly Lace hand-sewn and silk chiffon lace, the bustier has a white band with silver “Amour” embroiders and truly is the missing piece in your wardrobe. 

Like a velvet morning 

Soft, luxurious and velvet, Aureliana has the perfect long sleeve cocktail dress. It’s regal approach to cocktail attire will make you feel like the most stylish in the room. In dark green, this little party dress will make heads turn on this special day.