A Secret British Essential: The Spring Cardigan

This week we are talking about the most versatile of wardrobe items: the cardigan. As we approach the height of summer, these halcyon days lull us to gardens and parks in our breeziest outfits. But before we can tug on a coat, cool winds catch us unexpectedly and, if we are unlucky, with rain. The savvy Brit is wise, then, to rely on their arsenal of cardigans as the perfect counterattack to our classically unpredictable weather.


Casual in Cashmere

First into the fray is the cashmere knitted cardigan by Leap Concept. The Mongolian cashmere (which is 100% traceable) and modern silhouette is the perfect armour against morning chills and brisk dusks, and everything in between.

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Vibrantly Versatile

Situational flexibility is important in a spring cardigan. At this time of year, it becomes almost necessary to carry one with you at all times. The perfect day-to-night, office-to-bar cardi can be found in YUPPE's collection. Their One Line Point cardigan with its button to the throat vividness is just what the well-dressed ordered. Simply un-button or button-up to your heart's desire.   

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No Long Faces 

So, you've been ambushed. The weather has gone from bright and barmy to sullen and shivery. But you're not fazed. Covering your bare shoulders is Anastasiia Ivanova's long sleeve, long length, cardigan. And you've never been happier.

The perfect addition to an unpredictable day, the high quality French jacquard fabric offers warmth and effortless style. A no-brainer inclusion for any wardrobe winner. 

Shop Anastsiia Ivanova cardigans here


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By J Clarke