A Fashion Movement, Not A Moment.

In honour of the black lives matter movement, we want to continue this well needed conversation throughout all realms. We want to positively impact this movement by highlighting some amazing black designers in the fashion world. Their unwavering strength to fulfil their own fashion dreams and disrupt current fashion trends has made way for a new fashion fusion that spans and joins all aspects of culture.
Here follows a list of some incredible black designers that are moving the boundaries of fashion in the best way possible.



Norwegianrain is founded upon the concept of Dugnad - which is the idea of hard core functional and waterproof outerwear that does not compromise on style. The designers have a fascination with Japan which has become the styling reference for all of their outerwear pieces. T-Michael is the founder and designer of the collections. Alexander Helle is the brains behind the business strategy. These garments will give you the protection from the elements you need whilst still walking the streets in style.

To find out more, visit the site: https://norwegianrain.com/pages/look



The foundation of Kenneth Ize lies upon the interpretation of Nigerian craft which is then merged with the fashion of today. Kenneth Ize not only emulates aspects of Nigerian culture within the designs; but they continue to support the small community of weavers in Nigeria and work with a variety of design groups across Nigeria to remain true to the founding ethos of the company. Their luxury pieces are ones to watch. 

To find out more, visit the site: https://www.kennethize.net/about/



Marked by strong cuts, bold prints, colourful accents and sustainable solids; designer Diarra Bousso founded the company based upon sustainability while highlighting the African continent’s rich colours and unique patterns. Diarra is a strong business woman and has created an ethos of sustainability, wanderlust, tradition and algorithms. Her creations are an incredible fusion of dynamic patterns and silhouettes; juxtaposed with the strict algorithms behind such element like movement in the look of the fabrics. 

To find out more, visit the site: https://diarrablu.com/



Designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong have created a worldwide women’s brand that explores and challenges the fashion of today for the woman of tomorrow. They boast bold colours and dramatic silhouettes for a stand out look that you could only dream of. Make a statement and embody the power of being a woman. 

To find out more, visit the site: https://gretaconstantine.com/index.html