Emerging designers' inspirations: ‘80s fashion trends coming back in 2021!

Among the many inspirations in fashion, one of the most popular is still the regularly recurring trends that we have already loved once, and now we fall in love again! '80s fashion today is iconic for its boldness and powerfulness. In 2021,  these popular '80s fashion trends are coming back, empowering us to be courageous with our fashion choices! Independent designers help us to achieve this goal by creating extraordinary clothes inspired by '80s fashion! 

Power suits to establish your authority

Pearl and Rubies power suit tuxedo
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1980s are recognised as a decade of women's empowerment. Power suits emphasised the new, strengthening position of women in society. Although authority essentially comes from within, it is worth helping and highlighting it. For this purpose, a well tailored suit will be perfect. '80s fashion was all about strong personalities so do not be afraid to show yours!

The entire colour palette!

'80s neon colours fashion

'80s were most definitely the decade of colours! There was no limitations, the more, the better. Saturated, neon colours regularly return to trends reminding us of Madonna's and Cyndi Lauper's iconic outfits featuring fluorescent colours. Although today's use of these lively colours is more subtle, it invariably evokes a certain feeling of nostalgy.

Biker shorts

Biker shorts 80s fashion Guardi
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Who would have thought that a member of the British Royal Family will become a fashion icon for casual wear? Years has passed since the '80s and Lady Diana Spencer still inspires us with her comfortable and stylish outfits featuring biker shorts. As an '80s fashion inspiration, biker shorts have returned to our wardrobes for good, constituting a beloved element of everyday clothing.

Focus on arms!

Balloon puffy sleeves '80s fashion
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'80s women were women with character, big dreams and even bigger sleeves. Fashion at the time was all about shoulder pads and structured sleeves! Today, we can see the trend coming back with the variety of garments drawing attention to our shoulders and arms. Puffy, balloon sleeves are great focal point for seemingly simple outfit. 

Blazers in the spotlight

'80s fashion blazer inspiration

A trend related to power suits, although in slightly more casual type. Blazers of all colours, shapes and sizes are in fashion again. Perfect as a part of smart casual or even going out outfit, the diversity of available styles seems to be endless. No matter if you are looking for scaled up, tomboyish or exceptionally feminine style, there certainly is a perfect blazer to emphasise it.

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